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Skateboard Technology and Construction

Hydoflex skateboard technology: Foamdecks with amazing colors, are strong, waterproof and made in the USA.
See what’s inside of a Hydroflex Skateboard.

The essential part of our skateboard technology is the patented 3D-Glassing™ structure which is based on biomimicry principles. It multiplies the bonding surface and strength between resin, cloth and core. Fibers and resin are inserted into the foam, which act like roots of a tree. Both sides of the skatedecks are connected with fiberglass strings strongly bonding the two sides through the core. The bond enables the construction to withstand the compression and tensional forces that a standard deck undergoes. Pop and motion are fully transferred through the deck making them very responsive. The bionic construction prevents the board from losing the flex and snap over time. Also because the boards are not made from multiple layers of wood just glued together, they will not warp or delaminate over time and are waterproof.


The use of top notch materials guarantees the best properties of the decks. The honeycomb high density PET foam and fibre sheets are placed into a mold and infused with epoxy resin through a VARTM (Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding) manufacturing process. The honeycomb structure allows the resin to distribute easily throughout the whole deck. The boards are then cured and taken out of the mold.


The Hydroflex skateboard technology features integrated tail and nose protectors that help against nose and tail wear. The large guards are made from a solid 2-part urethane hard plastic. Tests have shown that these actually hold up better than wood. All skate decks are built with a closed cell high density PET foam, triaxial fiberglass and high quality epoxy resin.


Check out a few action shots with Trent Stake, Jake Yoder, Will Fogel and Skylar Walden.